Nation above everything, God above everyone!

by | Feb 1, 2020

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Seeing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro as the Chief Guest on this Republic Day brought back memories of my meeting with Brazilian President Lula da Silva when he had visited India in 2004 as the chief guest on the Republic Day. President Kalam told President da Silva about my work in making medical consumables affordable as technology spinoffs. President da Silva held my hand for a long two minutes with a grip of affection and admiration, not commonly seen in people holding high offices. I could feel the absent little finger on his left hand that he had lost while working in a factory when he was 19 years old. The picture is posted in the Journal on my blog.

President Kalam was a big fan of President Lula. Earlier in 2002, he presented to President Lula, the Jawaharlal Nehru Award and talked about him to me many times. He was particularly impressed with Embraer, a Brazilian company that had developed a passenger aircraft right from the design, development, manufacture, sale and after-sales support for the aircraft. There are over 5000 Embraer aircraft operating in 80 countries including India. We can never make a civilian aircraft, Dr Kalam would lament. 

On the verge of starting his candidacy for the 2018 election, which he was favored to win, Lula da Silva was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison, convicted of ‘passive corruption’, something that could never have happened in India. President Jair Bolsonaro defeated Lula’s replacement in the election. A Right-wing politician, Jair Bolsonaro won on the slogan, ‘Brazil above everything, God above everyone’ (Brasil acima de tudo, Deus acima de todos). 

Many comparisons come to mind. Both India and Brazil are large countries. They both have been colonized – India by the British and Brazil by the Portuguese. However, after Brazil became independent, first a monarchy and then the Military ruled over it with democracy stepping in and out for brief periods. Brazil is a stable democracy since 1985. At the economy level, both countries are abundant in natural resources as well as human resources. India and Brazil are part of BRICS, with Russia, China and South Africa as an alternative to the West-dominated world order.  Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Jair Bolsonaro are good friends of President Donald Trump; the BJP does not pretend about its ‘India first and God above everyone’ stance; and both have to strike a fine balance between the United States and China as their two largest trading partners. Interest rates are high in both economies and inflation has been a continuous threat. However, due to less population, in spite of being a smaller economy than India, Brazil enjoys four times the per capita income of India. 

The signs of both India and Brazil leaning towards the United States are apparent. More will depend on the result of the U.S. Presidential elections later in November this year. If President Donald Trump returns, we can see consolidation of the current trend. India, Brazil and the U.S. can be a formidable force in the new economic order to compete with China and thereby contain it, should any imperialistic ambition arise there. 

It is high time India got out of its dependency on Chinese imports. We import 50 billion dollars’ worth of goods from China every year and export hardly 10 billion dollars’ worth of mostly raw material. Our once famous pharmaceutical industry is precariously dependent on Chinese intermediate molecules and bulk drugs. Our solar energy is primarily based on Chinese solar panels. 

China continues to browbeat India. Neither is the resolution of our border dispute anywhere in sight, nor has China shown any slackness in supporting Pakistan by all means. It has not budged even slightly from its anti-India stance. Should India decide to correct its trade deficit with China, which it should in order to become a 5-trillion-dollar economy, China will surely rake up conflicts forever kept alive to be brought up and used at the right time. We therefore need to be strong in military, economy and a harmonious civil society, which we are currently not, and it is time to get serious about these matters. 

There are three goals new India has rightly set out for itself: a house for every family with tapped drinking water; doubling farmers’ incomes; and making the Indian economy a 5-trillion one, in a manner such that it solves the unemployment problem. All political parties should work together for these goals instead of creating confusion and confrontation over imaginary issues. India has seen and suffered due to the hollowness of certain policies and spells of inept governance. Something different is definitely needed now. 

Let all political parties calling hoarse that democracy is unsafe in India, ensure internal party elections. If the purpose of the opposition is to create only noise and confusion about whatever an elected government is doing in its term, then this is a misplaced notion of democracy. It should be clear that Indian citizenship comes with certain responsibility. India has to fight the powerful forces of globalization, a hostile neighborhood, and keep growing its economy, not at around 5%, but at around 10%. This is what Indian people seek from its leaders, and not the rhetoric of saving the poor, the constitution and the country from the so-called threat to democracy. ‘India above everything, God above everyone’ is indeed a wonderful idea.


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  1. Arun ji, very well written. Holding hand for long to express affection and admiration is some thing every leader has to practice to inspire people with their touch. The slogan ‘India above everything, God above every one and parents above all’ is a nice slogan to practice in the schools every day.

  2. Prof Tiwari, This was very insightful, none in this World should forget who they are!
    The comparison cited with Brazil is relevant, timely and accurate, Nations in the world today should benchmark themselves, without stifling the efforts of others. The argument on the political parties raising to the occasion by looking at what is needed by the citizenry, should truly have been capitalised for volume, being in opposition isn’t a privilege to oppose everything the Party in power is doing, a time has come for us all to build our nations irrespective of our political ideologies. National unity is the song whose tune political parties are meant to capitalise upon, the development agenda should mimic what is happening in the USA minus the uncalled for superlatives on welcoming or not welcoming immigrants form the not so privileged Nations to the South. Indeed to all Governments something different is definitely needed now, as you have correctly said, ‘this is what Indian people seek from its leaders, and not the rhetoric of saving the poor’ this time this should resonate with all peoples of the world today and always ‘any nation above everything, God above everyone’ is indeed a wonderful idea, and could not have been said better

  3. ‘Nation above everything’ and ‘God above everyone’, in my opinion does not even need to be reminded or used as a vision or tag line. As this is woven in integral fabric of any free nation to its core from time immemorial!

    Unfortunately the geopolitical dimensions kept changing and with global movements, migrations the loyalties or feelings of people continued to realign. This alignment was also for a matter of convenience. Take case of our country it self there was always a certain group of people who always had equity or lived in comfort of our country but given a cricket match or some other engagement with Pakistan They believed in showing their loyalties else where.

    Similarly was the case of UK in EU for certain migrants. Walk down the streets of cities in Germany, You would find Turks everywhere. They are German nationals but heart in heart they are not there in totality. Its only countries like US where every US Citizen regardless of origin, colour & creed is an American first! Same is an Irishman, a french, a Japanese and a Chinese & many more!

    So ‘Nation above every thing’ can not be disputed. In these countries God above everyone is a practise of personal choice not conflicting with the fabric of nation.’God above every one,’ can be practised only once Nation is above every thing! Unfortunately in our country we have many religions with large populations and for historical reasons they are found to be conflicting! Brazil does not share diversity of India and more so religions on a population scale. The added problem in our democracy. is when without knowing what my duties and role towards my country, I expect my rights and only work on those!

    Rightists all over the world are taking dominance because they know the history of their countries! Unfortunately so called Indian liberals have named Indian rightism as ‘Hindutva’which is not correct.

    Any account of Indian history during Persian invasions, moguls and other aggression has always been accounted by Western historians. So when Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Bankim Chandra Chattarjee tried to articulate Hindu Identity it was not Hindutva , but for the Hindus to consolidate history,live as one community getting out of caste and influence of British & Moghul rules. Even Lala Lajpat Rai & Swami Vivekananda saw an opportunity out of British rule to discover Hindu identity . Vivekananda included muslims & christians in the social rubric & during Indian National Congress discussions & debates under Gokhale people like MD Ranade & Maharishi Karve were concerned about more emphasis on political change to social change. Visionaries like JN Tata were looking at scientific, technological and industrial side & were concerned as the education system at that time was focused on producing lawyers not engineers. They were clear before the british leave a proper higher education system should be in place.

    Since all this could not materialise after independence though we have democracy but not a socially and reform matured one.It has strong political undertones laced with caste, creed, corruption & distorted understanding of religious conservatism. ‘God above everything’ becomes so overwhelming as it becomes conflicting to ‘Nation before everyone’.

    I feel that all those reformers and thinkers were overlooked and neglected by lesser evolved but political torch bearers of Indian National Congress.

    In my opinion God above everything can only be true for our country when Hindu nationalism camp; our democracy accepts and imbibes social, religious and cultural unities. When the citizens know that what are their duties, role and responsibilities to this great nation not their rights first of a democracy taken for granted.

  4. Thanks Sir, for valuable notes. Yes, I totally agree that unless we as a Nation start building / creating / manufacturing all our needed items within the country (of course there will be some more which we will have to import), our GDP can grow, plus the biggest issue of Poverty and unemployment can be stopped / at least reduced to margin. If Govt and we are able to solve the unemployment problem, further the poverty to large extend can be controlled. Once these evils gets controlled many of our problems like societal inequality, education will further get solved. When all people are able to get a proper job and proper food, clothing & shelter, country will get stabilized.

  5. Thank you, Prof. Tiwari, for keeping the focus and not allowing our minds to get hacked in an era of asymmetric information and polarization.

    Viewing together your observations “Let all political parties calling hoarse that democracy is unsafe in India, ensure internal party elections” and Sh. Umesh Jain’s apt comment “This is a system failure” makes sense. In a lighter vein, our ruling politicians have discovered that whoever wins elections, play god. This is why and how they behave. Systems failure is ensured.

    So what is the way out? maybe strengthening institutions starting with the political parties internal democratic setup – allowing local bodies and professional institutions grow and flower. Unfortunately, those in power tend to converge towards dictatorial behaviour in due course. So frequent change in political authority may be good for us.

    The artful storytelling of your blog keeps us all hooked to it. Kindly keep the conversation going.

  6. China’s might is much bigger than India in all respect. It is a very tricky balancing act that the Central Government has to do. I believe present Prime Minister is doing his best in strategically placing India’s interest vis a vis the relationship with other Countries too to counter the China Threat. It is not easy for anyone. God is protecting India and I am not being sarcastic when I say that.

  7. India being the largest democracy has lots of positives – high value capital markets, huge English speaking population, a stable government in the centre and many such – based on which the country is expected to be on a double-digit growth rate path. However corruption, bureaucratic red tape in setting up new businesses, political pressures etc., are some challenges that Indian economy and business environment is facing in recent years.

    Looking at Brazil, it’s economy too has experienced trouble – China’s slow demand for the export driven commodity products being the reason. But on the brighter side, the trade war between China and the U.S. has increased demand for Brazilian exports in agriculture and natural resources. However it may go. Your blog is indeed on a topic which has to be discussed with full authenticity and true criticism. Only then the things will start improving a bit in the direction of “Nation coming first”.

  8. Your blog is good and gives a great insight to Brazil vis a vis India. Congress, United front and UPA governments did not impose customs duty to check Chinese imports because of Davos world trade organisation free trade agreement. Our democracy, labour cost, adverse labour and factory acts, and carrying cost are coming in way for downfall in economy. When i was heading a pharmaceutical industry my mfg. cost per kg of tmp was Rs. 1,100 while that of China Rs. 750. Bulk drug industry used to import as there were no restrictions for imports. Bulk drug imports from China killed small scale industries. Once manufacturer became loan license producer. Some did job works.They take Indian price of raw material to get price approved, but use Chinese import and pocket higher profits. It happens due to corruption.

    DRDO is indigenised or about to do Cochlear implants which can be supplied at Rs.3 lakhs as against Rs. 9 – 10 lakhs of an imported one. If you involve to help Dr. Vishnu Reddy to set up mfg. facility it would be a great service. Up as Rs. 6-7 lakhs will be available for adding to GDP. Since present govt. is cleaning up the mess in banking misdeeds and losses are coming to light. Several lakhs of crores of rupees were recovered cleaning up misdeeds occurred earlier.

  9. Very nicely you have mentioned various points. I want to add something based on my experience. When we compare USA, China and India what we found is lack of production here. Indian research doesn’t follow Industry research i.e. product based research. Neither in our curriculum we studied. No startup culture and that’s the reason we are still dependent on china, USA on many things. Second point population, india biggest issue and we need population control rule as soon as possible before situation gets more worsened. India and we as citizen must have to actively take part in making this country great. The researcher centers in India is wasting money and according to me every government institution except ISRO is not doing all the justice with their resources. Its upto us whether we want India a country of ample opportunity or India a country of opportunity grabbing country.

  10. A thought provoking article Prof Tiwari. Reading it made me reflect on the verse that Vedas gave us: ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah’ – they say let there be peace, harmony and happiness for everyone and let all illness be removed. Here ‘Niramaya’ refers to removal of illness – not only the physical and mental illnesses but the social illness of fanaticism, discrimination, hatred and selfishness.
    The question one could ask a doctors is “can you deal with a mosquito or a bacteria who is spreading an illness in a democratic way”? We know what the answer would be. Similarly how can you deal with rogue elements and fanatics prying on ignorance of the vulnerable – spreading illness? What is the treatment? Why do we let them tear the fabric of peace and harmony? The answer probably is unique for everyone. Some countries/regimens seem to use a heavy handed approach and systematically eliminate them (or imprison or put them in ‘re-education camps’), which seems to work in the short term. More democratic ones work on removing ignorance and poverty so that people are not vulnerable and make responsible choices.
    Perhaps the Vedas again show us the way forward ‘Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu’ – see the good in everyone and bring out the good that resides in every human heart. Indian medicine has traditionally not been an ‘anti’-biotic driven approach. It may not be a quick fix but it is humane and lasting. Unless the root of the illness is treated, the cure would not be lasting, problem will surface again and again in one shape or the other. The countries that appear powerful and formidable today will crumble tomorrow, the boundaries of nations will change over centuries, but the essence of human existence will never change.
    Perhaps enlightened politicians can also see this logic when they say – God above everyone which one could also interprets as ‘Good within everyone’!

  11. Sir, it is an eye-opener that India imports 50 billion dollars’ worth of goods from China every year and export hardly 10 billion dollars’ worth of mostly raw material. I really wonder what our great leaders and experts are doing to allow such a situation. In market, everywhere there are Chinese goods, from puja idols to mobile phones to shoes. If Brazil and India can become one market, this situation can be a great win-win.

  12. Seeing you with President Lula and President Kalam is a great joy Sir. I am very happy to read about it. It is easy to see the entire commercial aviation industry through the dual lens of Boeing and Airbus. India has been a great buyer of their aircraft and Indian airlines running into losses is a regular story. I flew on a Brazilian-made Embraer 145, a small regional jet in the U.S. The Embraer 145 is a nifty plane that indeed impressed me. I wondered why we shy away from these aircraft in India. It will be a good idea to convert one of the HAL factories into an Embraer assembly line. I understand Boeing has bought into Embraer big-time with a nearly $4 billion deal. So, why not India also join the deal. Thanks for the very informative blog.

  13. Respected Sir, I gained a lot of insight on the political matters between India, Russia and China from this article. As you correctly pointed out, our Indian pharmaceutical companies are primarily dependent on China for its intermediate molecules.India is a 30 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry and even then it has never had an NCE molecule approved by the FDA to manufacture drugs. A large share of this failure accounts for the lack or proper usage of funds and dependency from China and other countries to import them. Hence, if we look into the funding of the pharmaceutical company we can resolve this problem on a large scale.We do have good schemes like Jan Aushadhi which provide medicines at reasonable rates rather than succumbing to the foreign pharma companies. Also, We had started a trend to promote youth to use Indian based products rather than products imported from China. However, in a few months it became a lost cause. As charity begins at home, we can ourselves start implementing this to reduce China’s economy and solve the problem of unemployment and I wish to create some awareness in this matter. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  14. The Brazilian connect to India is outstanding. So well captured

  15. “India above everything, God above everyone”! Yes, it’s a slogan, but an inspirational one at that, which can help strengthen patriotism throughout India. China has done well, but you will never find such a slogan in China, recognizing the importance of God and spirituality. The policies of China benefit in large part a corrupt communist regime and the few families that are privileged to be part of that regime. A naïve US government allowed Wall Street and the CCP to benefit greatly from the exodus of US technology and manufacturing to China. A review of videos/articles by Steve Bannon (Trump campaign manager in 2016) and Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok) are quite revealing of the true nature of the China economy and what the future may hold. Here’s one sample: The Trump administration has taken a strong stance against China. This presents a greats opportunity for India as the US-China relationship chills. India has the potential to emerge as a global leader. I believe there’s an opportune time for US-India relations to strengthen, bringing technology innovations to India enabling leapfrog improvements in healthcare and manufacturing efficiencies. I look forward to India to emerge as a powerhouse in the coming decades ahead – with strengthened ties to the US where our value systems are more aligned in our mutual recognition of importance of God in our lives!

  16. “India above everything and God above everyone” it is very aptly said and this is need of hour for every Indian. Although all political parties pretend to put India first but many of them are striving for their vote bank politics. The biggest example is, India became independent in 1947 and People’s Republic of China formed in 1949, if we compare both the countries where we stand against China in term of economy is very miserable.

    My point is not against any country but our focus after independence was not self reliant. That’s why import bill is rising every passing year and trade deficit is widening.

    So it’s very high time put our interest first make our country manufacturing hub. This will not only generate employment but also reduce import bill.

  17. Dear Prof. Tiwari, I admire your writings! Your reflection and memory of the former leader of Brazil Da Silva is awesome. I would like to applaud your idea that India, Brazil and the US have the possibility of becoming a formidable force against China. I feel, it will be wonderful if the goals of 5 trillion economy get materialised and solve the problem of unemployment in our great nation. In the context of the current issue of Citizenship, I wish the BJP will revoke it as the people of Assam and northeast India have been excluded for 70 years and CAA will bring about undesirable chaos among the diverse ethnic communities. Thank you!

  18. Namaskaram Sir

    Thank you for your post and also sharing with us your experience and meeting with former Brazilain President Lula and also Kalam Sir’s concerns about the condition of the national aircraft industry.

    President Jair Bolsonaro’s emergence is as per the global trend of rise of nationalistic leaders which indicates that people are beginning to understand that keeping the nation first ensures global economic safety and security. You have very rightly identified for us to see the similarities between the economies of Brazil and India and PM Narendra Modi and President Jair Bolsonaro’s political direction.

    The taming of the dragon is definitely necessary and good bilateral relations of mutual benefit of both China and India are possible only when India is strong in matters of economy, military and societal attitude.

    The three goals identified for India are most important and it is pertinent for all political factions to unite to realise these for the nation and its people. However given the current political scenario of parties with misplaced intentions, this seems highly unlikely and the onus falls fairly upon the electorate to teach the political class to toe the line.

    The slogan “Nation above everything, God above everyone!” is not just an idea but a mantra that the citizens of Bharath must follow irrespective of their political, ideological, religious or cultural differences. Only when this mantra will be inscribed in the hearts and the minds of all the peoples of our land, the Bhagyavidhata of Bharata will be empowered to lead us to the great destiny that awaits our nation.

  19. Dear Professor Tiwari, As usual you have captured the spirit of the issues, which ultimately focus on real action within the political communities and less warring between parties. In the end if you cannot improve the human capital of society you are doomed to fail and will enter into continuous cycles of internal and sometimes external “wars”. And while the use of the masses for purposes of country defense is important (for protection against intrusions by outsiders), it should not be done at the expense of the growth of the creative, product economies enabled by the country’s internal abilities and capacity to create tangible things.

    Yes, service economies are OK as part of the national GDP. But they are not what will sustain the country long-term, nor position India as a viable economic powerhouse relative its neighbors. It is ultimately about what you can design, make and deliver that define this success. The good news is that India has the talents in its people to build that future. Your voice is an important part of that educational process for the community and the recharged Indian economy to make sure it heads in that direction — Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  20. The country has to follow the theme -‘one nation, one people’. In the present day world, divided loyalties don’t work. We should discourage export of raw materials. The export should be replaced by value added/ semi-finished raw materials. This will boost economy tremendously in short period. If the country and its economy progresses, everyone grows-irrespective of his religeous beliefs.

  21. Excellent article Sir, It is interesting to know that 5000 Embraer passenger aircraft of Brazil are operating in 80 countries including India. It is indeed a regrettable on the way our leaders took our country forward that there is no Indian civilian aircraft.

    All we know is import, operate and earn profits, whichever way it is possible. China is steadily drawing blood from Indian economy and it is high time that it is stopped otherwise there will be no 5-trillion economy even in the next ten years.

  22. Hello Sir, I am very pleased to read this article and gather more clarity on what we actually want as a Nation to progress and global scenario. But one point makes me think. As you said, Dr Kalam was a fan of President Lula . But now he was being convicted. Can you please tell us how to look upon him now. Had he seriously committed the corruption? Or is it some conspiracy built up against him.

  23. “Nation above everything, God above everyone!”…..such a powerful line…words that have the potential for a radical transformation. For that transformation to happen, an indomitable Will and an indomitable Faith is called for. At the root is a BELIEF. Belief in the Nation, Belief in God.

    The people of India don’t lack the talent or the resources. There are all the ingredients for a bright future. What is currently required is a stronger sense of Self Belief along with a 360° vision of the Bigger picture. This will help everyone to understand, where we stand on the world stage. The people of Brazil are Brazilians, who have a Faith. Every nation, which is rising has a strong sense of National Identity. We need to cultivate that. We need to keep away from all the noise, which tries to keep people from developing that sense of National Spirit.

    Freedom of speech is fundamental, but that doesn’t atone all the crooks, who question the need to stand up for the national anthem. It doesn’t absolve all those perverts, who say “kagaz nahi dikhayenge” when asked to show their nationality identity. What is needed are certain stringent measures, where certain fundamental tenets pertaining to national interest and security are a given. Anything contrary is sacrilege. Period.

    A lot of precious time and energy is wasted in trying to convince all those elements, who have a very narrow interest, and have a thorough disregard for the country. Their motto is “apna kaam banta toh bhaad mein jaaye janta”. No amount of reasoning is going to convince them. Since basically, they just don’t want to see reason. A person who only knows abuse will abuse you even when you offer him a Rose. Strict measures are required for such dangerous rogues. Brazil didn’t have to contend with such situations. They had a few hiccups, but by and large, the national psyche has a clarity. Also they have reworked a whole lot of concepts pertaining to the national progress periodically.
    This kind of back and forth reworking has afforded them a kind of fluidity to fast pace their progress. This is something that is happening now after 70 years in India and there are still people on streets with placards, who just don’t want to see the Bigger picture.

    You made a very valid observation in one of your previous articles, that we need to get back to our roots. To recall that civilized society, which existed in India ages back, where Learning was revered, and each Individual had a sense of Responsibility. Where people thought in Unison and worked in Togetherness. God was worshiped in places of Faith as well as in places of Work. It is this very sense of Discipline and Understanding which will re-create a people for whom Nation is above everything and God is above everyone.

    Thanks once again sirji for such a powerful article…Jai Swaminarayan 🙂

  24. Sir, Citizens and politicians of India are presently absolutely self centred ….. most essential task is to teach them their responsibilities and ethics with assertiveness.Then we can think of India first. …. the noble thought.

  25. Universal brotherhood a concept India advocated long time ago Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is genuinely aiming to bring World closer and aims to Live in harmony and peacefully. Government plans to go for collaboration between developing nations and to help less developed Nations using local resources and utilising talent from developed Nations. Dr Kalam our president was a simple man who was a visionary leader who cared for Common man and himself lived like a common man. Shri Arun Tiwari ji you have rich reservoir of memories which have relevance for social upliftment.

  26. Sir, In my view people and politicians of India has nothing to do with nation. Creed and personal benefits are more important than nation. If you talk about nation then you will be declared as facist. There is some serious problem with certain people in India. They don’t want to understand anything against their creed. Nation comes last for them. Hopeless case.

  27. Sir, Culture directly proportional to peace and happiness .If we want to prosper in unison I think we should inculcate that notion. Our nation has its own limitations and advantages on several front. Despite that we can go to a prosperous nation with its own core advantages. This is my strong belief that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam showed to us. Able leaders are the pillars who protect when nation go through tumultuous environment. Ruling and opposition leaders have to play their roles in a positive way to prosper our country. No of political parties formed in our country to safe guard special sections of people respective of the party in our country. One way it is very good considering the democratic credentials of our citizen other way it is the differential gap of our society. The rich entrepreneurs in our country are not born as rich as now but their vision and hardworking made positions. So I am an optimistic on the view to become our nation a progressive one one day. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was a sincere leader who light up the minds of our people. Now we became a globalised economy and no importance to Gandhi’s swaraj concept. Diplomacy will play our part. Consumerism is very nice in economic terms but the competency of a nation cannot be questionable at any level. Education and Health are the two important resources we have to build up in our nation to become global power. Thank you. God bless.

  28. Globally countries are now thinking of their citizens first. This is the new order. Having said that, it is so time that we think of the global citizen. What we do in one part of the world has its impact on another. The economy is not just what we manufacture and sell but also the nature, natural resources and biodiversity which we have in abundance. We need to also be watchful that in doing rapid industrialisation we don’t destroy our environmental balance. It is not too far that we would be having “Climate Change Refugees” with small island nations going under water for no fault of theirs and Global warming that has happened due to bigger countries which have an unsustainable industrial growth. India is taking the correct steps to boost its knowledge economy by putting in money into frontier areas of S&T.

  29. Sir, I am very pleased to revisit your picture with President Lula and President Kalam. We have somehow lost that innocent nationalism. You have very rightly marked three goals of new India: a house for every family with tapped drinking water; doubling farmers’ incomes; and making the Indian economy a 5-trillion one, in a manner such that it solves the unemployment problem. We need to calm down and ponder upon the fact that every citizen of this country, while asking for rights, also carry certain responsibility.

  30. Sir, Trade deficit with China is such a serious problem! Whatever nation is earning, it is going into the Chinese economy and adding to its GDP. I have personally seen how China has made Indian Steel industry struggle. Import of Chinese bulk drugs by profit seeking Indian pharma companies is rampant. Also, it is interesting to see how our political parties are reacting to the most unacceptable roadblock tactics in the name of democracy in Delhi. Going to Noida has become a nightmare. Nation seems to be after everything else here.

  31. Slogans and more slogans will not make India 5 trillion economy or double farmers’ income or whatever new slogan in store. The way we are governing ourselves rotten, it is a system failure. Nobody is working on the system, just sloganeering is going on. How China reached where it is? You rightly mentioned what a city should have. I go to China often…its there….you pan your view and you can see a park, a public toilet and a hospital. We are decreasing budget allocations on health and education in real sense.

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