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Simple Spirituality, Recalling Kabir


the story

Kabir Das (1398-1518) is included in school syllabi in India and that is how I was introduced to the first Hindi poet in the world. But Kabir is also revered as a saint and has been accepted as an authentic voice about living a simple, spiritually enlightened life. Kabir emphasised the realisation of the God within.

Upon reflection and reading Kabir in my later life, I found Kabir sitting on a great tripod – God is Consciousness; the world is played out on this Consciousness just as shadows of clouds move over the ground under the sunlight and this Consciousness, powering and supporting everything, is present right inside a human being. 

That oneness with God is not a dream but the only reality and everything else is an illusion was, indeed, a great idea. In my usual wakeful state of consciousness, I am a human, but when I enter the superconscious state, I become God – not a noun, but a verb – constantly experiencing, witnessing the creation and dissolution, construction, and deconstruction.

I shared the manuscript of this book with some knowledgeable friends, and they endorsed this theme of simple spirituality – living connected to the God-consciousness embedded in the body. As various versions of Kabir’s poetry are available on Internet, digging deep, I found as authentic verses as I could and presented them for posterity here. 


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