January 29, 2013


Dr. Kalam took me to the Young Indian Leaders’ Conclave in Gandhinagar. Chief Minister Narendra Modi received him and I was surprisingly included in what was supposed to be tête-à-tête. Modiji affectionately made me sit by his side. I was aware of the deep bonding Dr. Kalam had with Modiji. In 2002, he had visited Gujarat, contrary to the advice of the Central leadership, and walked through the riot-affected people’s camp in Naroda Patiya, holding Modiji’s hand. That gesture spoke more than any words and led to the arrival of a long-lasting peace in the state. 

Dr. Kalam left after his speech but asked me to attend the entire conclave, listen to what Modiji said in his concluding remarks and brief him accordingly. Of the many points that I conveyed, Dr. Kalam liked the call for 100% enrollment in schools, the most. He said if this were earnestly implemented, the secularism debate would automatically be settled. He said that the Chief Minister was moving in the right direction and that God would surely give him a bigger role. In retrospect, it seems Dr. Kalam had first sensed the winds of change.

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  1. Awesome moment captured in this picture, No doubt Dr.Kalam had a clear understanding of nature’s sign and symptoms, a great man of this century. Mr. PM Modi is also falling under that category of great leader of all time. And no doubt Sir, you are one of the most influential personality I know, a great teacher.

    In my view, India is now a developed nation in few sector like IT and space technology. After Covid-19 the way India has completed the vaccination and provided the e-certificate over email and sms is remarkable, even US is not able to provide the same after 3 years. ISRO is the favourte choice to land satelites in much less cost than any other country. Progress in last 10 years is remarkable. We just need to continue this for 10 more years at least, and the world is behind India. Best of luck to all fellow Indians, we have a bright future,

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