April 18, 2005

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Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known as Gulzar (b. 1934) met President Kalam to present the audio version of our book, ‘Wings of Fire’, that he had translated and narrated in Hindustani, with the title, ‘Parwaz’. When asked the meaning of ‘Parwaz’ by Dr. Kalam, Gulzar sahib explained that having wings is not enough to become a bird. The existential truth of the bird is to fly. This struggle, this endeavor, this aspiration to fly higher and higher is ‘Parwaz’. Hearing this, President Kalam, setting aside protocol, got up and held Gulzar sahib’s hand.

After coming out of the Presidential Study, where the meeting took place, Gulzar sahib lovingly hugged me and said, “Kya khoob likh diya bhai apne.” I told him, “Sir, we are all channels, as you so aptly wrote – noor ki boondh aise diyon se baha karti hai.” Whenever I read the lyrics of Gulzar sahib’s song, ‘Parwaz’, ‘Meri zindagi parwaz hai, wo hawa meri main urujahan’, divine energy passes through me like some invisible and yet, powerful magnetic field. I am a firm believer in Gulzar sahib’s line, ‘Jinke ke sar ho ishq ki chhaon, paon ke neeche jannat hogi’. Meeting him has been like meeting an angel in flesh and blood, a cherished memory that will remain ever close to my heart.


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